Lindsay McGaan

What I do

Content Strategy: 
What content is needed, where it should live, and what form it should take.

Information Architecture: 
Organizing and structuring information so it's easy to find and understand.

Content Research & Testing: 
Learning what users need to know and how they think. Putting content in front of them to make sure it meets their needs and is easy to understand.

Defining a Content Design Team & Process: 
How can content design fit within a UX team and a larger product org?  Defining team roles, hiring, and empowering others to practice content design.

UI Writing, Copywriting & Simplification: 
Writing copy that's clear, friendly, and engaging.

Voice & Messaging Development: 
Crafting how we sound and what we say. 





My experience

SPEAKING + Media  

Content First Design - talk at the 2019 Indeed Content Summit | 2019

Short, Sweet, & Legally Sound - talk at World Information Architecture Day NYC  |  2016

A Brain for Simplifying - Interview in IXD@Pratt



Head of UX Content Strategy, Consumer Bank  |  Capital One
December 2017 – Present

Content Design Manager  |  Capital One
September 2016 – November 2017

Senior Content Strategist  |  Critical Mass
March 2016 – September 2016 

Content Strategist  |  American Express Serve
December 2013 – February 2016

UX Strategist & Information Architect  |  Siegel+Gale
January 2011 – November 2013



Women in Executive Leadership Certificate | Yale School of Management
June 2019

MA in Professional Writing + UX |  Carnegie Mellon University
July 2009 – December 2010  

BA in English + Creative Writing |  University of Wisconsin-Madison
August 2003 – May 2007